Wedding Fullfrontal Destination Wedding Breathtaking Balinese Waterfall Elopement

Breathtaking Balinese Waterfall Elopement

Are you thinking about burning? We have more reasons to convince you today!

While smaller weddings are on the rise, there is no shortage of great Elopement inspirations for bridal fashion, and we are giddy to add this beautiful tropical Bali “I do” to our bank of beautiful devoted weddings.

Planning from Brazil with the help of Wedbali, Carlisa & André chose the most awesome Balinese waterfall for their wishes. And while you might be thinking “”what more decoration could you need?”Wedbali built the most magnificent arch for floral ceremonies, perfectly complementing the surrounding nature with tropical foliage and white roses.

You will want to read all about our couple’s romantic love story: falling in love with each other while taking care of others is really a love for the party.

The Wedding Style

The wedding was simple and minimalist like our philosophy of life. To translate this idea, we aligned our color palette with the colors of nature: green, white, Bare, sapphire. We have a classic style, so we opted for white roses for the base of the bow and the bouquet.

Our clothes have also transmitted the minimalist lifestyle. For the jewelry, we chose a simple and classic yellow gold ring, and I wore pearls to symbolize the transformation of difficulties into beauty.

Unique Details And Favorite Moments

The place made everything unique. Our day was a real moment of celebration and connection, with each other and with nature. We felt all the energy of the waterfall and it connected us to the divine.

Carlisa: I can’t choose a Moment, for me everything was so perfect and so fast that it’s a difficult decision for a Moment.

Andre: My favorite moment was our wedding promise.


We liked that our photos were spontaneous and natural, but at the same time artistic. It’s not easy to take such photos. We knew about the work of Vladimir and Borodenok on Instagram and it was Love at first sight.

Tips for other couples

We were very satisfied with Wedbali’s services, they solved everything for us. We got married very far from our home country (we live in Brazil) and everything was chosen remotely and in the short term, based on a relationship of trust with the company. Everything was perfect and we focused on the moment.

We were also very satisfied with the photography, they captured our best moments in the best way.


We chose our honeymoon in Bali and the Como Uma Canggu Hotel was the perfect atmosphere to live our romantic moments after the wedding.

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