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Japanese Miami Koi Gardens Wedding

Devoted, casual and deeply personal – that’s how today’s couple would describe their relationship and desire, and dare we say how we would describe their magnificent wedding at Koi Gardens?

We often talk about strategies to stay calm on your wedding day – no matter what spontaneous problem you have – and today we are reminded how choosing a Zen wedding room can significantly improve your mood on the wedding day. Redland Koi Gardens in Miami, the wedding venue of bride Jessica and groom Nick, is such a cool place to get married for tranquility and collection. Beautiful gardens, beautiful bridges that create a unique ceremonial hall, pagodas for portraits – Redlands is truly one of the hidden gems of Miami.

While the day is crowded with discreet rest (partly thanks to the Zen place, you have to think? Jessica and Nick’s wedding day looks bring a drama ready for the track. Elegant and oh-so-cool, our bride and groom’s wedding attire was a surprise to each other and made their first look a “double first look” (so cute!)

Location & Planning

When Nick and I started planning our wedding, we knew that, of course, we wanted to achieve something beautiful and comfortable. We wanted the experience to feel organic. Our inspiration for everything was taken from our wedding venue at Redland Koi Gardens. We were amazed and felt at peace when we first walked through the place. It has met all our needs; spacious but devoted, organically beautiful, unique and authentic.

The first look

One small detail that was special to us was that we both didn’t know what the other was wearing. So our first look was a double First look! When I tried to help Nick choose his outfit, he replied, “If I can’t see what you’re wearing, you can’t see what I’m wearing either.”We were both surprised and fell in love with the outfits we chose. As a bride, I liked being surprised (in a good way!) from what Nick chose for himself.

Flowers & Decor

Everything else seemed to go after that. Our flowers were inspired by nature, which already occurs naturally in the garden, and adhered to a darker and more romantic color palette that represented us as a couple. We rented benches and upholstered furniture for our guests, which they could use during the ceremony to continue the relaxed atmosphere.

Favorite moments

Although we both have a Christian background, we decided on a relatively unconventional ceremony.

We grouped the seats in a large group so that there was no corridor to go down. We didn’t have a wedding party, so instead of walking down an alley, we walked together, hugged and greeted all our guests when we went to the place where we were going to take our vows. Our immediate family members were the last to be greeted before the meeting with our official.

We also handed out a glass of champagne to everyone so that we could toast in the middle of the ceremony. It has created a very welcoming and relaxed environment. Almost every guest told us that they appreciated our ceremony because they felt part of it instead of just being a witness from the outside.


Our wedding planner recommended Anton Kirindongo and after checking his Instagram page, we knew that he would provide us with creative and unique photos.


Our food was inspired by the Asian influence of the place as well as nick’s Jamaican heritage.

Tips for other couples

For practical advice… hire a wedding planner! Our wedding planner Stephanie was the only reason our wedding day went so perfectly. She helped us stay on track with our budget and knew the world of marriage in a way we believe we could never discover with Google alone.


We had an occasional honeymoon in Miami, where we stayed at a very nice boutique hotel called Life House in Little Havana. If you want to have a relaxed experience and avoid the typical Miami lifestyle, we recommend this hotel.

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