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New Organic Tuscan Cathedral Wedding

Is there a more appropriate color scheme for a rustic Tuscan wedding than olive tones? While we appreciate the creative responses, we think it’s really hard to beat this natural Match.

Shannon & Abe, international jet-setters, Dubai residents and lovers of the Italian countryside (aren’t we all?) celebrated at their wedding at the villa la Fontanelle all Tuscan. A classic Cathedral ceremony, a traditional Millefoglie wedding cake, a delicious ice cream cart and, of course, olive branches and complementary greens decorated throughout Flowers Living (whose weddings are regularly featured on the Blog!), The scene represented everything we love about Tuscany.

Photographed by Quattro Studio and planned by The Tuscan Wedding (also regulars here on Bridal Musings!) we offer you a virtual honeymoon in the foothills of beautiful Florence, Italy.

The Destination & The Place
When we visited different places, Villa Le Fontanelle was the last place we visited and once we arrived at the place, there was no doubt that it was the ideal place for us. The place is literally a dream, it has such beautiful features that when you enter, it already feels like a wedding venue, without any added decor. I’ve always wanted a rustic wedding with live music and once we got there, we could see that no other venue would be comparable to this.

Place of the ceremony

To complete the already perfect place, we were lucky enough to be able to get married in a church with such historical importance, and the church was so accommodating and friendly to help us organize everything for the day. The day was magical from start to finish, from the live music to the fairy lights above the table to the flowers, everything was perfect.

Favorite moments

My favorite moment was probably walking along the aisle to see Abe, and just that overwhelming feeling of seeing him at the end of the aisle.

The speeches we had from our whole family were another overwhelming Moment when we both felt so full of love. The unique thing about our wedding was the mixture of nationalities and countries from which people had come to be there, and then the beautiful Italian views and cultures that we were able to include and share with our guests made it the perfect melting pot of different cultures and experiences that thus reflect me and Abe, who grew up as ex-pat living in Saudi Arabia, but who have Scottish and Middle Eastern roots.

Photography And Videography

Our photographer was such an easy choice, we loved the nature of all their photos, Abe and I are not good at taking our photos, and our photographers and videographers made us feel so comfortable. Mary and Maurizio were so nice and when we received our photos, we couldn’t believe how many beautiful and natural photos we had. Matteo was great at capturing all the moments without being noticed by the guests.

Tips for other couples

Choose a planner that you feel comfortable with and that calms you down. Planning can be very stressful, especially for a destination wedding. So make sure that your planner is someone who can help you reduce this stress.

For brides and bridesmaids, I would say, get ready as early as possible so that you can really relax and enjoy some time before the wedding to take photos and just relax.

Your photographer is so important, so spend a lot of time making sure you have the right one.

Always expect to spend more than your Budget!

The Honeymoon Plans

Since we had a destination wedding, we decided not to do a honeymoon right after, but to take one for our one-year anniversary, because it would give us something to look forward to and save after the wedding.

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