Wedding Fullfrontal Nature Wedding New Swiss Alps Wedding with Pink Ballgown

New Swiss Alps Wedding with Pink Ballgown

Adventurous couples beware, the scenes of this escape from the Swiss Alps are about to attract a strong urge for hiking.

Photographed by the talented photographer Unveiled Radiance, this devoted wedding in Switzerland is filled with the whimsical details you might expect from the top of the Swiss mountains. Imagine colorful wildflowers, a ball gown worthy of a whirlwind, and our bride and groom frolicking through the alpine forests.

The day looked really spectacular, after Arielle and Ryne dressed Hayley Paige in her pink blush dress, they shared an adorable first look outside her Swiss chalet and then bought tickets to get to her “I dos” mountain top. In addition to a turquoise lake with close friends, the couple formalized it, blew up champagne and jumped into a canoe for stunning mountain portraits.

The dress and the outfit

As soon as we started planning our wedding, I knew I had to have a pink dress. After surfing the internet, I knew I had to have a Hayley Paige dress. When I found the Chandon dress, it was obvious to me. Hayley Paige named this dress after champagne, which happens to be my favorite drink. The second I put it on, I knew it was absolutely that. He embodies my personality and the whimsical fairy tale we have planned. It’s the most beautiful dress and I really felt like a princess bride.

My husband is a vision in sapphire, so I knew I wanted a sapphire suit for him. I had the feeling that a blush bow tie would really bring everything together. Add our hiking boots and it was the perfect outfit for every Swiss!!

Favorite moments

I don’t even know where to start! The whole day was absolutely perfect-even though we were after!

When Ryne first saw me in my dress, it was only the second time I saw him cry. Honestly, I don’t know how I kept it together back then. At this point it finally hit me that I was about to marry my best friend in the most beautiful place I have ever seen.

After our “first look” and the way to the city, we took a gondola up the mountain – scary and beautiful at the same time! The hike to the lake was so surreal. I had the feeling of dreaming. Here we are, in hiking boots, in a suit and in a big ball gown. It was a spectacle to see!

The ceremony was absolutely perfect! Our awesome photographer took care of it to make sure we had the most beautiful backdrop. I still can’t recover from it when I look at the photos. We have decided to write our own wishes; and though I have insisted too much on it, I am so glad we did. This made the experience much more memorable and meaningful.

After the ceremony

After exchanging our vows, blowing champagne (we had Moët and Chandon, since my dress name is Chandon) and cutting the delicious cake, Ryne and I were able to take some time for ourselves and go canoeing around the lake. To be with him at this moment, to admire the landscape, right after we have made our eternal promises to each other – this is a moment that I will never forget.

Advice For other couples

Do what you want – not what everyone thinks you need to do! Unfortunately, our parents could not come to our wedding because of thefts, etc., but we knew that we wanted to get so involved. So we did it! And we would do it more than a million times. Fortunately, we have great photos and videos so that our family can relive the memories with us and not feel like they missed everything!


We did it a little back-we spent the week in Italy before meeting our friends in Switzerland for the ceremony! We flew to Milan and stayed in a small Airbnb. We took a day to visit Lake Como, see the Last Supper and explore the Duomo and the Galleria. Then we took a train to Venice, where we stayed in a nice hotel. We took a gondola ride and explored the beautiful city for 3 days. On one of these evenings we took a cooking class with chef Lorezo in Venice. It was so much fun!

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