Wedding Fullfrontal Stylish Wedding Newport Wedding Filled with Orange Citrus

Newport Wedding Filled with Orange Citrus

As the outfitters of the written, we like a bit of literal subject matter when it comes to discussing weddings, so when an Orange County wedding comes with orange, we definitely say, “Yes!”

After growing up in Orange County, Klarrisse and Patrick wanted a local party for their family and friends, showing the best of their humble hometown. Turning the house of the Lido into your own little orange grove with the help of experienced planners, a bargain, the couple transports their guests to a citrus oasis.

Tangerines, kumquats, modest orange and probably more filled the bright white wedding room in different ways. Small citrus fruits adorned the cake, while adorable orange place cards accompanied the guests to their seats. We can only imagine how good this wedding day smelled!

Location and style

Patrick and I grew up in Orange County, California, and we knew we wanted to organize the wedding locally, surrounded by our family and close friends. I’ve always had a vision of getting married in an orange grove, and we trusted our planner Victoria from a Good Affair to make that vision a reality. We were absolutely delighted with the idea of a lot of lush greenery, candles and citrus accents. We wanted everything to be elegant and timeless.


We loved Brett Hickman’s photography style and the fact that his photos were bright but gentle. We loved that his style also captures a lot of authentic emotions. His work was a reflection of what we wanted to capture in our wedding, which showed elegance and freshness with all the greenery.


Our ceremony was at the church of St. John Neumann and was very devoted. We had decided not to take a first look, and when Patrick and I first saw each other walking down the aisle, it was very moving. We loved a traditional ceremony with a choir. It was a very nice time to express our wishes and commitment in front of all our family and friends.

Special details

In terms of decor, my favorite was how a good deal did a wonderful job with the escort card table. They used oranges and wrote the names of the guests on the green leaves. It was one of the most beautiful escort tables I have ever seen.

The decor of the reception

Our reception was at Lido House and was an awesome place that a good deal brought their establishment to life. Everywhere there was lush greenery, from the walls to the dining tables. I loved the way the team had put citrus fruits everywhere, and I felt that it really looked like an orange grove!

The guest experience was extremely important to Patrick and me, so having a live band was one of the best investments we made as it allowed everyone to dance all night. Our black and white photo booth was also a surprise success. One of my favorite culinary moments was also after-night snacks of burgers and fire, as well as an ice cream parlor.

Advice For other couples

The wedding day itself will be a whirlwind of places to change clothes, greet guests, take pictures, etc., but on the big day, take time to retire for 1:1 breaks that are just you and your partner. Small breaks allowed us to think and appreciate everything that we worked so hard to plan!

Favorite moments

Another funny moment was our first Dance. Patrick and I took lessons and surprised the guests with a dance to the song “You and I” by Michael Buble. We were nervous when we made movements like drops and lifts, but we did it!


We went to Japan for our honeymoon right after the wedding. It was so much fun to explore and eat Tokyo and Kyoto in our own way for two weeks.

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